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Waste and Sludge Reducer

Waste and Sludge ReducerWaste and Sludge Reducer (WSR) is a blend of naturally occuring aerobic and facultative anaerobic microbes that are designed to reduce accumulated organic slugde and waste in ponds, lakes ornamental ponds, aquaria, waste water plants and aquaculture facilities. WSR reduces nutrients such as Nitrite, Nitrates and Nitrogen through accelerated microbial uptake and decomposition of organic matter. Reduced B.O.D.(biological oxygen demand) and improves water quality but comsuming organic solids, and suspended organic particulates in the pond water column. Eliminates Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg gas) .

WSR has been proven through years of research and in field use for organic waste digestion. Can consume upto 60% or more of organic solids from lake bottom. No EPA requirements, Safe for plants and animals.

Application rate, 3-6 # per surface acre - initial dose. 2 # per surface acre every two weeks throughout the season - Maintenance dosage. We recommend treating throughtout the growing season in your area for best results.

Each 10 lb. bucket contains 20 Water Soluble Packets.
Item #
Keeton Waste and Sludge Reducer 25lb. Bucket
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Keeton Waste and Sludge Reducer 10lb. Bucket
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