Kasco JF Series

Kasco 1400JF 1/4HP

Kasco 1400JF 1/4HP

Kasco Marine's 1400JF and 1400JFL, 1/4hp floating aerating fountains will beautify any small backyard pond or watergarden. They can be used in residential applications as well as entry-way ponds.

The 1400JFL includes 5 interchangeable nozzle heads and integrated LED lights. The complete package includes the completely assembled fountain, mooring / anchoring lines, 50' power cord, the 5 interchangeable nozzles, C-25 control box, and the LED light ring. It can also be ordered without lights (model 1400JF).

5 Fountian Patterns for the Price of One!

Falcon Eagle's Nest Hawk's Nest

4' Tall x
4' Wide Narrow Arch

3.5' Tall x
10' Wide Large "V"

3' Tall x
7' Wide Small "V"

Osprey Condor
3.5' Tall x
7' Wide Arch
4' x 4' Inner &
2' x 10' Outer Tier Arch's
Item #
KA14JFL50 - 5 Head Fountain 1/4hp w/Light Set 50-ft. Cord
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C a l l
KA14JF50 - 5 Head Fountain 1/4hp No Lights 50-ft. Cord
C a l l
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Kasco 3400JF 3/4HP

Kasco 3400JF 3/4HP

Kasco Marine proudly presents the popular 3400JF model. It is great for medium size ponds and when multiple fountain patterns are desired. It comes standard with 5 interchangeable nozzles to give you 5 FOUNTAIN PATTERNS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! The 5 fountain patterns range from 7' in height to 20' in diameter. With 5 multiple fountain patt ...