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Kasco Lake Life Pump

Kasco Lake Life Pump

The lake life pump will revolutionize pond management. Invented by Ray Scott and manufactured by Kasco Marine, this pump will be the heart of your pond. It pumps life giving oxygenated water from the surface of the pond downward mixing it with water that would otherwise become or remain stagnant. The results are healthier and bigger fish. It gives your fish a better living room and more space to thrive.

A lot of your heart and soul, and frankly a lot of your pocketbooks, have been put into your pond. Why not protect your investment by putting in our Lake Life Pump as a life and health insurance policy which will result in bigger and better fish? 35 years of research by Ray Scott should prove to be a tool that you, your fish, and even your lake can not live without.

  • The Lake Life Pump pushes oxygenated water from the surface of the pond downward with a large protected blade spinning at low a rpm.
  • The downward movement of oxygenated water is designed to help mix your pond and prevent thermal and chemical stratification and prevent pond turnover along with turnover related fish kills.
  • 1 hp of energy can effectively circulate up to a 20 acre lake to a depth of at least 12 feet.
Item #
KALP240 - Lake Life Pump 240V 400-ft. Cord
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