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Pondmaster Air Pump 2900

Pondmaster Air Pump 2900

Pondmaster air pumps by Supreme are designed for versatile use in water applications, such as: aerating water gardens, ponds, and single or multiple aquariums or terrariums; preventing ice from forming in outdoor bodies of water; and de-icing outdoor applications during extreme cold.

Efficient, quiet operation without oil lubrication means you can use this hardy pump without fear of oil spill damage, an issue with some pond pumps. Includes an air diffuser with 12 hose barbs for airline tubes to power air stones, filters and other accessories.

Aquarium Installation:

  • Connect one end of the short length of included hose to the outlet on the pump and fasten with the included hose clamps. Connect the supplied barbed diffuser to the other end of the hose and fasten with the included hose clamp.
  • Run a length of airline hose from each of the 12 outlet barbs on the diffuser to the aquarium and connect each to an air stone.
  • If the air flow is too great, purchase and install an adjustable flow valve for each affected airline. Always let some air escape, do not restrict the flow of air totally with the valve.

Pond installation:

  • Connect one end of a length of tubing to the outlet on the pump. Hose length is the distance from the permanent location of the pump to thewater's edge plus the depth of the water. (Note: a short section of hose and 2 clamps are included in this package. These parts are for aquarium installations and should be disregarded here).
  • Connect the supplied barbed diffuser to the other end of the tubing. The diffuser needs to be weighted since it is very buoyant when filled with air. Attach the diffuser and about 4" of tubing to a heavy object, such as a brick, with a cable tie. (Do not use a weight that will that will rust or leach toxic ingredients).
  • Note:House or enclose the water-resistant (not submersible) ABS plastic unit in a protected area to shelter it from changing weather conditions (and place it where it can't fall into your pond). Be sure to allow some extra room for proper venting within the housing.


  • 6 1/2" x 10" x 7 1/2" high.
  • For aquariums and ponds up to 5,000 gallons with max depth of 10'.
  • 2900 cubic ft of air per minute
  • 40 watts
  • Includes: 6' power cord, air diffuser with 12 hose barbs, 3" piece of black tubing, 2 hose clamps.
  • Uses 5/8" tubing.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Item #
AP40 - Air Pump 2900 cu. in/min w/Diffuser
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